Monday, June 1, 2009

Myspace... Or Facebook?

Well shit, I've been using myspace for over a Year or more perhaps.. I've been using facebook a lot more recently tho. Does this mean that myspace is wack and facebook is better? I wouldn't Say so, Myspace has literally become a way of life for so many, It gave artist like myself a chance to display my music to the masses, Facebook has yet to give me that opportunity. I think the reason why Facebook has been outdoing myspace is the simple fact that facebook is new, People get tired of the same old stuff.. Yeah myspace did change their layout ,-Whoopdy-doo (the new layout is shit by the way)

Back to the topic at hand. Also, apparently on facebook all the females think they're on that "grown woman shit" which I think anyone who says something like that isn't grown at all lol. Why do you feel the need to express yourself when you act grown? You're already grown, you should be acting like that to begin with! Bitch..

On myspace, every woman feels like they a star. Putting up their pics from 7 days 7 nights. I understand you feelin juicy because you got 50 friend request from 50 horny males, females and shemales. YES THERE'S SHEMALES ON MYSPACE. Creepy..

But Myspace and Facebook each have their Pros and Cons. What you choose is to your liking, I mean shit there's actually people on twitter.
And if you're wondering why I didnt mention twitter, I don't have one So i can't really tell you about it.

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