Monday, July 6, 2009

What happened to!


Man Akon.. Where can I begin.. Perfect example how fame corrupts! Akon used to be my dude!
This guys music was REAL. Sincere from the heart yo. You can't tell me that when you hear "Locked Up" you don't feel what he's saying.. Now a days, hes not Locked up, Hes doing the same as everyone else. AUTOTUNING! Singing over some over used drum pattern with extra synthisizers... I mean his music isn't all that bad, I did like that joint He did with bonethugs. But just money gets to peoples head and distorts everything.


Prolly my Favorite akon song.

Akon you was the shit man.. Theres more to the man then meets the eye. People lie about street cred all the time (RICK ROSS) But I ain about to slam this dude.
Peace to akon.

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  1. I Still Fucks With Him And He Signed The Hottest Nigga In The Streets French Montana Oh And That Was One Of His Best Songs "Ghetto" - Five